MyriaSoft offers a cost-effective and compliant Business Continuity Solution for financial institutions. It allows traders to stay connected with clients compliantly away from the trade floor with a soft client on their desktop. MyriaSoft traders have full access to all their speed dials, direct lines, intercom and even OPEN-HOOT lines regardless of where they are. Integrated with MyriaRecord, all MyriaSoft voice communications are recorded for compliance.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Full turret functionalities
  • MiFID II compliant
  • Easy deployment
  • Efficient Business Continuity Management

Have Questions?

MyriaSoft is the answer for level 1 Business Continuity Planning. MyriaSoft clients can be easily installed on existing devices, reducing upfront and ongoing costs.

Is voice recording compatible with MyriaNet?

MyriaSoft is equipped with MyriaRecord. An integrated voice recording system. Recordings can be downloaded for additional analysis or kept and played back on the web browser application from the NAS.