MyriaNet SIP connectivity provides a cost-effective substitute for conventional TDM private lines, facilitating efficient and flexible communication solutions. It allows traders to initiate and manage voice communication sessions using internet protocol (IP) networks, bringing advantages such as faster connectivity, scalability, and the ability to integrate with diverse communication platforms, supporting features like mobility solutions and interoperability with independent turret vendors.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Simple subscription pricing model.
  • Distance independence.
  • Quality of Service in each region.
  • 24x7 follow the sun network.
  • SIP infrastructure.

Have Questions?

MyriaNet is a low latency trader voice network connecting market participants, enabling multiple IP services to connect simultaneously for greater cost efficiency and flexibility, with integrated voice recording to meet compliance requirements.

Can MyriaNet work with different turret vendors?

As a SIP-based platform, MyriaNet can also interconnect with independent turret vendors or enepath’s MyriaDesk and MyriaFuse.

Is voice recording compatible with MyriaNet?

MyriaNet is equipped with MyriaRecord. An integrated voice recording system. Recordings can be downloaded for additional analysis or kept and played back on the web browser application from the NAS.