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Adaptive Media Platform (AMP)

The AMP is a proprietary Call Management Platform that has been specifically designed to elevate your trading experience. The platform supports Enepath’s Myria Suite of products including turrets for the traders, Sip Phones for the back-office users and applications which are designed to enhance the capabilities of your entire organization. Running on a Linux Platform on a standard PC or Virtual Machine/Hypervisor environment allowing for increased flexibility and scalability.


  • Intelligent system management and real time reporting
  • Highly flexible and unlimited scalability
  • Fully integrated voice recording with enhanced features
  • On-premise or Cloud


MyriaFuse offers a fusion of hard keys and soft keys in turrets for an Enhanced User Experience. Besides providing a tactile feedback, frequently used functions can be assigned to hard keys for instant access, reducing the need for navigating through menus. Soft keys, on the other hand, can be customized and dynamically mapped to different actions, providing flexibility and adaptability.


  • 1280 x 768 Touch Display
  • 22 fully programmable Tactile Keys
  • 36 Channel Speakers
  • Gooseneck Mic with LED indicator
  • Optional detachable dual speaker module
  • Individual volume control for L and R handsets
  • 56 Pages with 56 Buttons/Page
  • 7-day Local Recording Playback at front-end


MyriaDesk is our answer for trade floor adaptability. MyriaDesk uses “off the shelf” hardware as the frontend. Whether it’s adapting to the “New Normal” or being on the go, MyriaDesk users can benefit from a consistent user interface and functionality by providing a seamless user experience across different environments, enabling users to maintain productivity and efficiency.


  • Intercom directory with built in search
  • TLS/SSL Connection
  • Wifi or 5G enabled for mobility access
  • Global Intercom directory
  • Up to 36 speaker channels
  • 7 days local recording playback at front-end
myriaConnect V2


Empowering the Mobile Trader by providing them with 7 Open-Hoot connectivity and full access to speed dials and lines on their turret. MyriaConnect provides the adaptive trader the necessary tools to stay connected with clients wherever they are, maintaining strong communication channels for efficient trading and manage multiple communications effectively.


  • Compatible with both PC and Mobile Devices
  • Access to 7 Open-Hoot Speaker channels
  • Access to lines on Turret
  • Access to Turret contacts
  • Integrated Voice Recording
  • 20 seconds speaker replay
  • Programmable groups
  • Individual speaker channel volume controls


Enhanced with integrated voice recording, MyriaSoft allows traders to stay connected with clients compliantly while working from home.  Work from home traders can maintain strong and multiple communication channels effectively with full access to all their speed dials, direct lines, intercom and even OPEN-HOOT lines.


  • PC/Laptop based Soft Turret
  • Integrated Voice Recording


Addressing your need for compliance without today’s cost with fully integrated voice recording at the gateway.


  • Supports multiple simultaneous recording
  • Downloadable recording for analytics processing
  • Search, Query and Playback via regular web browser
  • Optional NAS Storage extension


Designed as part of the integrated product suite to facilitate seamless communication between traders and the middle/back office. MyriaPBX comes with everything you need for efficient collaboration between the trade-floor and the back office support. Fully integrated with MyriaRecord, MyriaPBX offers unparalleled extensibility without the associated costs of maintaining multiple call management systems.


  • Desk or Softphone option
  • Accept calls on phone or workstations
  • Integrated Voice Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding to mobile
  • Call Hunting


Inclusive Connectivity with today’s cost

MyriaNet is a low latency trader voice network connecting market participants, enabling multiple IP services to connect simultaneously for greater cost efficiency and flexibility, with integrated voice recording to meet compliance requirements.

MyriaNet SIP connectivity establishes an ecosystem promoting seamless collaboration between your current Trader Turret provider technologies or Enepath’s Myria Turrets. We have the capability to incorporate your existing TDM/VoIP platforms into our solution, allowing you to optimize your investments while ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.


  • Compliant with voice recording
  • Low latency
  • Fast latch time
  • Reliable, Scalable and Flexible
  • Turret independent
  • Remote access anywhere, anytime

Cutting-edge communication technology designed for your business

Unlimited Scalability

Whether on-site or in the cloud, Enepath’s solutions grow with your business needs

Reliable Compliance

Enepath ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, making it a reliable choice

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Unified Communications

Integrated suit facilitates seamless communication between traders and back office

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We are a leading provider of mission critical voice trading communication solutions for the financial services industry. Our proprietary Call Management Platform; Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) is fully distributed and non-blocking with multiple routes and failover capability. The AMP integrates voice recording, hard/soft/mobile turrets for traders and SIP phones for back-office users, enhancing your trade floor productivity while resolving the interoperability issues and dependence on network stability for the systems to communicate.

Yes, Enepath is MiFID II compliant. Its intelligent system management,
real-time reporting, and full audit features align with regulatory

Enepath’s Call Management System runs on a Linux Platform on a standard PC or Virtual Machine/Hypervisor environment for increased flexibility and scalability.