Adaptive Media Platform

The Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) is a proprietary call management system built on a distributed software architecture with integrated voice recording and built-in failovers. It facilitates seamless communication between traders, brokers, and other market participants streamlining workflows and ensuring an efficient trading process.

Enhanced with an integrated “Global Intercom” system that includes presence management facilitating real-time interaction and collaboration between traders, back-office support staff and remote “work from home” colleagues.

We facilitate FREE peer to peer communication within the Enepath ecosystem across the Myria suite of products reducing the need for traditional and costly digital connectivity between traders and other market participants.

One of the key advantages of Enepath’s AMP technology is the ability to build a global virtualized system that spans multiple locations that is locally survivable for enhanced business continuity planning. Integrated voice recording at the gateway eliminates the reliance on network stability for compliance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Instant global connectivity with colleagues and clients around the world.
  • FREE peer to peer communication within the Enepath ecosystem.
  • Seamless communication without limitations across teams.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Low latency communication.
  • Maximize collaboration between traders, back-office teams, and remote staff.

Have Questions?

Enepath’s AMP platform uses a “Proprietary Distributed Non-Blocking Architecture” with integrated voice recording to manage the call traffic. We do not need a PBX backbone and is completely self-sufficient. Our solution is integrated with a recording system to create a trading environment that is locally survivable independent of network stability.

What communication tools does AMP integrate with?

The AMP platform supports not only MyriaDesk and MyriaFuse trading turrets but also Enepath’s full range of products and services for remote traders and back-office users in a financial institution; MyriaSoft, MyriaNet and MyriaPBX. The AMP platform also has an integrated voice recorder built in, eliminating the recorder’s reliance on network.

How does AMP ensure compliance?

Enepath is MiFID II compliant. Its intelligent system management, real-time reporting, and full audit features align with regulatory requirements. AMP ensures data protection through secure data storage and transmission practices. In addition, Enepath’s AMP has an integrated voice recording system built in and tightly embedded in the call process. There is no instance of losing any recording ensuring compliant trading.

What are the cost benefits of AMP?

Peer to peer communication within the enepath ecosystem is free due to the unique system architecture, thus reducing the need for traditional and costly digital connectivity between traders.
Cost efficient Business Continuity Solution with the Myria Trader Mobility Suite.
Cost efficient Unified Communications facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across the institution’s front and back office.