Who are we?

enepath delivers unique, next generation solutions for trading turrets – the specialised voice communications systems used by financial institutions and other organisations with business-critical voice communication requirements. We develop and deliver software, provide the infrastructure, hardware and support services in all major financial centres.

Business critical voice communications is a market where getting things done fast, right first time, every time, really matters. Customers in this market, financial traders, emergency service responders, utility providers and government agencies need to ensure what they say is clear, and is able to be acted on quickly and efficiently.

In each of these markets people want high levels of reliability and increasing levels of security, whether this is due to changes in market conditions, government rules or simply to ensure people are not at risk. Allied to this, of course, is a desire to make systems that are more flexible, more agile and as a result more cost-effective.

A new generation of IP solutions provides this mix of reliability, security and flexibility. However, enepath has taken the implementation of IP even further, by implementing it on a ‘fully distributed network’ basis; by making sure the system has no central point to worry about securing, has multiple routes to connect users dynamically and is able to do it in a way that lets customers put systems together more simply, as their business adapts to change.


Founded and led by industry veterans representing decades of experience in this specialized industry, enepath’s team of in-house developers ensure that its solutions exceed market expectations and position the company as a visionary organisation.


enepath’s proprietary product is based on a fully-distributed software solution, which is radically different from turrets offered by incumbents that are based on legacy telephony solutions. The core technology is unique, with several patents pending, and allows a voice access solution that is plug and play, truly global, and scales easily.


In addition to its own sales team, enepath has a global distribution partnership with Telstra as well as local resellers across the world, providing access to sales and support in all key markets.


enepath has so far deployed the Eclipse turret with 22 customers in Europe, the USA and Asia, and is now in advanced negotiations with over 20 more customers representing sales of an additional 4000 turrets.


Gavin Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin held senior executive roles in telecommunication sales and engineering before founding his own company Itech Group in 2001 (now enepath). He has been responsible for delivering multi-skilled support to the heart of a financial institution – the trading floor, and grew Itech steadily through reputation and reference.

Huw Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Huw has over 26 years of experience in the Financial IT industry, including 30 years of experience designing and managing Order management and Trade processing systems for major multinational institutions that include JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank Securities.

Philip Riseley

Managing Director, APAC and global COO

Phil has over 30 years’ experience in the Telecoms Industry working for both vendors and financial institutions, working at Cybertech International as Managing Director APAC and IPC Information Systems – Operations Director NE Asia. Phil has also worked on the ‘customer side’ of the business with positions held at Salomon Smith Barney and Citibank.

Colin Knight

SVP Europe

Colin has over 30 years’ experience in trading room technology. He has worked in all areas of vendor operations and supply, including Syntegra (BT) Managing Director North America and IPC Information Systems President EMEA. Colin has overseen all aspects of vendor supply from supply chain through to distributor and partner management.

Richard Baker

Global Sales Director

Ex BT, global head of major accounts with 33 years of experience selling and managing the sale of turret systems. A proven strategic thinker and successful business developer.

Tracy Totten

Global Contract and Service Manager.

Tracy has 24 years’ experience in Global Standards to ensure integration of various platforms and applications whilst automating to deliver best practices in line with ITIL Standards.
Tracy is an accomplished and driven global service manager with  wide experience of coordinating operational and financial activities.

Saayan Choudbury

Chief Architech

Saayan has 17 years in software development with high growth companies. He has a Phd in computer system engineering and an MBA from Insead.


  • On call 24-7
  • Infrastructure specialists
  • Voice & data management
  • Program management
  • Consultancy
  • For further information about our services please contact: info@enepath.com


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