The Adaptive Media Platform
Our unique architecture delivers reliability, speed
and quality of voice connectivity

The Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) is designed to deliver the most advanced technology and exceptional operational advantages including:

Voice is the new
resilient data solution

Delivery using Voice over IP (VOIP) via a fully distributed architectural design, means there is no single call path to the desktop and local resilience is a standard, built in feature of the solution.

Free seating delivers
true mobility

Any trader can log onto any turret and be presented with their personalised configuration of keys, lines and features from any compliant location globally, including a home office. The Eclipse turret can be used out of the normal office environment subject to security policy compliance and connectivity. This can be an additional benefit when considering disaster recovery & business continuity strategies.

Quality is paramount

Mixer nodes provide the voice ‘engine’ of the AMP trading system. They act as ‘hubs’ for any participants in a call and ensure that every participant receives the best quality of call that is possible.

Built-in redundancy to ensure
business continuity

The Border controller provides the mesh network of nodes that contribute to the redundancy capability of the AMP. The Border Controller also allows trading positions in a multisite deployment to access lines that are either local or remote to the system.

Integrated voice recording is
part of the standard solution

Built-in recording enables voice to be securely captured at the gateway, with additional capture options at the turret. Cryptographic algorithms are used to ensure voice record integrity. Extensive search and playback facilities are provided as well as, subject to compliance, the ability to allow traders to quickly playback their own calls from the turret.
Recording options include high definition voice capture; unmixed on multiple channels as well as uncompressed, where this quality of data is needed to support efficiency or compliance requirements.

Thin system
OTS components – low power usage, cost effective

Fully native SIP based
Standard i/f for wide SIP connectivity across enterprise

System grows linearly
No cost wasted with overcapacity or over purchasing

No central equipment
The customer is able to plan and deploy quickly and easily

Every position has its
own capacity

Automatic backup – no single point of failure – cost effectively

Automatic link to
deal-capture apps

Unique ID available to search and export to other apps





System is intelligent and adaptive
Adapts to conditions – guarantees call quality and uptime

Automatic line sharing /
Line availability
Every trader access to any or all lines on the system

Recording included as standard
Captured at turret, then to central server and / or off to SAN

Negates network based
recording issues
Guarantees network-aware capture, saving time and money

Recording grows as system grows
No license or compatibility issues due to expansion

Playback included as standard
No need for complex, expensive, third-party software