The Eclipse product suite


Designed by industry experts, the Eclipse suite utilises today’s technology to provide the voice services

that the trading room needs, using a cost model that the market has been waiting for

Critical voice delivery with flexibility, reliability and speed

The Eclipse suite is built upon our patent-pending Adaptive Media Platform (AMP). This is a platform for innovation that is applicable to any market requiring business critical voice delivery. From turrets for the trader, to high quality recording and compliance solutions, we also ensure tighter integration between voice trading, back office and supporting systems.

Flexible cost & operating model

Global linear pricing with only one user licence. Benchmarked lowest cost of ownership with no hidden 3rd party licences. Turret as a Service (TaaS) options.

Full functionality

Full turret capability including unique speaker channel options – 12, 24 or 36.

Innovative technology 

A fully distributed and flexible switching fabric that can scale up and down from one to thousands of turrets, future proofing voice trading technology decisions.

Mobility – True free seating 

Traders can use a turret in any compliant location – office, remote office and home office. Easily deployed anywhere.

Highly scalable and flexible

Immediate deployment for new trading opportunities. Can scale trading operations on a position-by-position basis as the business dictates.

Minimal footprint 

Takes up less space, uses less power and is easily integrated into the workflow.

Voice recording

enepath AMP Voice recording is automatically included as a component of the standard package.

Trade reconstruction 

Integrated high quality voice recording enables easy & efficient reconstruction and analysis of trades, so firms can respond to regulators more quickly & efficiently.

Global & local delivery 

Global deployment supported by regional and local help desks.

Fully managed service options 

Planning & installation support as well as proactive management of the live service.


Maximum reliability, flexibility & capability, all delivered with the minimum of trader effort. Speakers and recording included as standard, applications, call information and call history at the touch of a button and collaboration at any position all delivered in a solution that increases ROI to every trader.

Eclipse turret – provides a single, seamless telephony solution. Its intuitive, contextual and easy-to-use interface meets the needs and expectation of today’s traders, accustomed to multiple channels, touch screens and tablets. Its high level of security for users and devices ensures traders can operate anywhere, anytime with confidence.


There is no longer a need for separate voice systems in the trading room. enepath has taken PBX functionality, ensured every capability is included, integrated it and included it as part of its AMP solution. The AMP does not need the IPX in order to provide its full range of functionality to work, of course, but now there is no need for two vendors and two processes to manage, there is now a fully integrated platform that works as one.


The Adaptive Media Platform (AMP)

Critical voice delivery with flexibility, reliability and speed

Designed to deliver exceptional operational advantages including:

IP voice is the solution to

Delivery using Voice over IP (VoIP) via a fully distributed architectural design, means there is no single call path to the desktop and local resilience is a standard built in feature of the solution.

Free seating delivers
true mobility

Any trader can log onto any turret and be presented with their personalised configuration of keys, lines and features from any compliant location globally, including a home office. The Eclipse turret can be used out of the normal office environment subject to security policy compliance and connectivity. This can be an additional benefit when considering disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

Voice Quality

Mixer nodes provide the voice ‘engine’ of the AMP trading system. They act as ‘hubs’ for any participants in a call and by continuously self-monitoring and ensures that every participant receives the best quality of call that is possible.

Built-in redundancy to ensure
business continuity

The Border Controller is the interface to the mesh network of nodes that contribute to the redundancy capability of the AMP. The Border Controller also allows trading positions in a multisite deployment to access lines that are either local or remote to the system.

Integrated voice recording is
part of the standard solution

Built-in recording enables voice to be securely captured at the gateway, with additional capture options at the turret.
Recording options include high definition voice capture; unmixed on multiple channels as well as uncompressed, where this quality of data is needed to support efficiency or compliance requirements.